Love and wine are not meant to be consumed – you have to feel them, sense them and perceive them!


History, tradition and innovatory spirit of the time, made of prestigious varieties of grapes – that’s what LANCINNI wines are.



Our special selection


The FRANCO CECINI wines are oriented towards people – young by nature, with a scent of style and а strive for discovery.


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About Us

LANCINNI Investment Group is a leader in the production of quality wines in the EU. The company has many years of experience. We are also familiar at the markets in the UK, France and the Netherlands. The company develops, produces and imposes on the market products, which are entirely created according to the needs and preferences of customers.

History, tradition and innovatory spirit of the time – that’s what LANCINNI wines are. Made of prestigious varieties of grapes, LANCINNI wines bear distinction, character and style.


“FRANCO CECINI – Sauvignon Blanc have a fantastic taste. Very elegant, with a pleasant freshness and a sense of minerality, with long influence, refreshing citrus finish.”

Simon Stevens, Virgilio.it.

“I realy love LANCINNI – Pinot Grigio Blush! Fresh and saturated, mostly fruity, complemented with pleasant floral scents. This is my favourite taste.”

Alicia B. Melachroinou, WINE Tour Santorini